Why Not Create Another Video Sales Letter

Only This Time The Person Speaking On Your Behalf Will Have A British Accent :)

3 GREAT Advantages Of Having Me Provide A VSL Voice Over For You 

Take advantage of a digital marketing services professional - minus the big voiceover fees

Watch The Video Listen To My Voice & Decide Whether It Is Worth Getting An Additional Video Sales Letter To Use With Your Existing One... 

  • Advantage #1: All The Great Marketers Know The Importance of Testing:
    Perhaps listening to someone with a different accent may increase conversions, and perhaps it may not - you never know until you TEST!
  • Advantage#2: I Provide Digital Marketing Services That Normally Do Not Include Video Sales Letter Voice Overs:
    Meaning you won't need to pay the HUGE sums of money normally paid for a VSL VO - provided all you need me to do is read from a script!
  • Advantage#3: You Satisfaction Is Guaranteed:
    If you need different variations, no problem. If we need to spend time discussing exactly what you are looking for, that's fine. And if you don;t like the one I do, I'll do it again!

If you would like to discuss your requirements with me in more detail, please submit your email details below, and I will be in touch right away with view to you and I discussing your project within the next 48 hours

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