"Invite Mucha On To Your Team. It's An Investment You Won't Regret! "

I consider myself a go-getter. I'm a successful entrepreneur with a couple higher degrees, several certifications, and almost two decades in my field. I've written an international bestselling book and my professional practice is on its way to becoming a national brand.

I'm SO smart, I know the value of hiring people SMARTER than myself! When you're ready to pull everything together -- Mucha's your man! Fast, articulate, skilled, responsive -- and usually about 47 steps ahead of me, which is right where I like him! After multiple contracts with me, Mucha's well on his way to saving my ass -- again!

                                               - Evan Michael Zislis, Best Selling Author 


"A Dynamo Who Has Become My Trusted Advisor"

I engaged Mucha Murapa to help me market my coaching practice.  In addition to doing the lion’s share of the work setting up the sales funnel, sales pages, and marketing message, Mucha has become a trusted advisor, walking me through the process and helping me refine and craft my message. 

He took on my project as if it were his own, putting a tremendous amount of energy and working tirelessly to meet the schedule we agreed on. 

He is a dynamo!  In addition to handling the mechanics of marketing, he has taken the time to articulate and explain the marketing process to me, step by step. 

When I started on this project, I knew practically nothing about marketing. 

What I’ve learned from Mucha during this project is truly impressive.

        - Garland Smith, GarlandSmith.Com

"Every Interaction Is Made Easy"

Mucha is light hearted and makes every interaction easy. His humour is just one reason that I love working with him.

The others include timeliness, ability to work my timezone, experience in creating and putting together sales funnels, excellent communication and response times and so many other things.

I feel comfortable and confident leaving my project in Mucha's hands... In fact, I did, while having my second baby... And when I came back to check in he'd diligently been working away, getting my project done!

I highly recommend Mucha. You won't be disappointed."

                       - Lisa Rigoni, eShopCoach.Com

"Extremely Knowledgeable With My Highest Recommendation"

I was looking for a provider who could assist with an email and marketing strategy for my business. I knew roughly what I wanted to achieve, but needed assistance with strategy and implementation.
I was very happy to find Mucha for my project.  He is extremely knowledgeable in this field.  He presented tools and strategies, and a few of his own excellent suggestions that I had not considered. I have already hired him for a further project and am impressed again with what he has provided me.
I would not hesitate to give him the highest recommendation if you are looking for such a provider.

                                  - Marshal Holmes, English World Okinawa

"Exceptional Work - Met My Brief Completely"

I recently commissioned Mucha Murapa to create a series of emails that could be used as part of a 60-day programme I am putting together. 
He also wrote a script for the introduction video.  

The work he did was exceptional and met the brief completely.  In fact he went over and above the brief coming up with ideas and ways to improve things I had not considered. 

 What I find with Mucha is that he is very methodical.  When he gets a brief he doesn't just follow it which I find most freelancers would do, he will take a step back from it and look at the bigger picture. 

This is a great quality as he likes to ensure what he does fits in with everything around it.  He asks questions and makes requests that I find other freelancers don't do and this is extremely refreshing as you know before he starts he fully understands what you require as a client.  

I feel I can't recommend Mucha highly enough and anyone who commissions him for a project will not be disappointed.

                                                                            - Angie B, London


"Skilled In Direct Marketing & Digital Branding"

Mucha truly gives from his experience as a Direct Marketer. He is also a Copywriter you can trust and rely on.                                                                                                           - David Vox, Goaly.Com

"Absolutely Outstanding Attention To Detail"

Mucha has absolutely outstanding attention to detail, follow-through and service, not to mention a through mastery of the technical issues of funnel creation, software management and online marketing. I'm one happy camper - I'll be back! 
- Dr. Marcus Chacos, creator of The Arthritis Solution

"Extremely Respectful The Entire Engagement"

Mucha was patient with me and very understanding of some limitations of mine.  I’m a student and was a student at the time I sought Mucha’s expertise.  He could have told me to go away – he could have shut the door – he could have ignored me.  

Many folks I reached out to didn’t return my email or call because of the fact of my student status.  But not Mucha.  I wasn’t just another dollar to him.  I felt like much more.  

He made me feel good and like I (and my project) was significant.  I’m still blown away by the quality of work that I received.  His passion is contagious – when I spoke with him on our calls I was uplifted in some regard.  Truly inspirational!  

                                   - Ted Rader, President, Chemwise Inc. 

“An Excellent Implementer Who Was Able To Complete High Level Tasks”

Mucha was an excellent consultant who was able to quickly get to the root of my problems and/or goals and set a clear plan that did not waste time. He was also an excellent implementer who was able to complete high level tasks while also providing me with feedback for how to improve my projects. As a solo entrepreneur and professional speaker I have worked with many VA's and consultants. Mucha is the only one I would ever recommend and I'll definitely be bringing him on for further project management, copy writing, and email marketing projects.

                                        - Travis Lloyd, TravisLloyd.Net