If You Are Not Emailing The People On Your List Regularly Then You Are Quite Literally Leaving Thousands in Revenue On The Table...

The Money Is Not In The List But In The Relationship You Cultivate With Your List And That Only Happens When You Email Your List Regularly With Relevant Valuable And Dare-I-Say Entertaining Information
Click Below If You Have Invested In Autoresponder / CRM Software But Have Yet To Actually Maximize Any Measurable Return On Investment
And You Would Like For Someone To Do It For You...

"Businesses need to start investing more time and energy into building an email list,
rather than putting all their energy into social media alone"
- Melonie Dodaro, award-winning Social Media Expert

First We Need To Identify Your Email Copywriting Needs
 Are The Emails You Want To Send For Your Own Business
Or Are You An Agency Wishing To Do This For Your Clients?

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Emails Your Business  Could Be Sending About Its Products, Services & Programs

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Providing Email Marketing Services

* Email Is 40 Times More Effective Than Facebook And Twitter
- McKinsey&Company 

Forgive me if I sound blunt, but I am not here to convince you to send follow-up emails. I will however educate you and demonstrate the merits of remaining in regular contact with new prospects, 1st time customers and regular cients

All with view to delivering sales in a consistent, automated manner...

If you are to further grow your business you need 3 things:

1) More Customers
     2) Higher Transactions 
3) Made More Often

Simply stated there is no better way to achieve this than through email.

But not just any emails might I add...

If you sign up to receive some follow-up sequences, you will see how you can build and further strengthen both trust and credibility through frequent and consistent Direct Response emails. These will be emails I can write on your behalf, where collectively we underline your expert positioning with view to making a sale.

Whether you are a business needing to automate your marketing via Direct Response follow-up sequences, or you have an Agency wishing to provide this service to your client - I can help. Click the relevant box above to see examples.

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