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Mucha Murapa

Presenting Your Very Own 7 Day Email Sequence To Leave You In No Doubt I Could Write Emails For You Or Your Clients  ...

"The Product Itself Should Be Its Own Best Salesman" - Claude Hopkins, Scentific Advertising 

Provided I am never expected to fill in for you 'in the flesh' you can rest assured my writing will capture everything about you - and more!  Due to time implications for research, the 7 Day Email Series I am sending on to you is in my voice.  You will however be able to gauge my ability to write daily emails. 

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During this 7 Day Sequence Of Emails You Will Learn:

  1. "Wiring & Programming" that makes me the ideal Copywriter to write your daily emails...
  2. A heart-warming example of how to Overcome Objections, Ignorance, Make New Friends & Gain A Whole New Audience  - in less than 10 minutes!
  3. The major 'beef' I have with 90% of Internet Marketers (plus the two I adore and buy from)
  4. How to deliver a sale to a willing, needy yet  unaware buyer using the The "Shawshank Redemption Marketing Model".
  5. The "Yellow Marker Method" to influence the mindset of your reader time after time. 
  6. Email Marketing Principles, Strategy & Tactics I Would LOVE To Share With Eric Clapton
  7. Who I chase Each & Every Day - and why that should matter to you
  8. Bonus Email - "A Tale of Two Testimonials"
Ok Mucha, Please Send Me Your 7 Day Email Series Now