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Here To Help You Achieve
Your Business & Your Lifestyle Goals..

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Marketing Services

Do you need someone to help you with the ‘fiddly’ process of setting up funnels, landing pages, lead magnets, tracking, email auto responders, Split Tests & other Digital Assets including Social Media? Maybe you know what needs to be done, but are just too busy! Let me set-up, optimize and implement your Online & Offline Marketing 

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Advertising Consultancy 

"How is your advertising working for you, and how do you know?"
Let me help you reset what has sadly become an industry failing. The platforms your are advertising on always get paid, while sadly, too many advertisers do not. 
If you want to change your Advertising from 'Cost Centre to Profit Center' click here

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Copywriting Services

If you're looking for a 'Serial Blogger' to merely write 'engaging content' then sadly, I'm not your guy. But if you have an appreciation (and need) for compelling, persuasive and responsive 'Copy That Brings In Cash' via your Emails, Sales Letters, Direct Mail, PPC Ads and Offline Ads, take a look here to see examples of my work

Teaching You How To Promote & Sell
Using Multiple Forms of Media

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Additional 'Done For You' Services Include:

If you know you need Marketing assistance, but do not have the time, the knowledge or even the desire to do it yourself, you may find what I have to offer useful. The majority of my 'Done For You Services' are carried out virtually, and the big difference between hiring me as opposed to a freelancer via some of the popular sites, is I have a deep and ongoing grounding in proven Direct Response Marketing principles

What 'Proven Direct Response Marketing' means for you is communication that will generate leads, build your database and make you money, as opposed to just 'getting you name and barnd out there'. There are no long-term commitments necessary on your side. You pay for 'blocks' of hours and I get to work, driving the relevant project forward to satisfactory completion or you get your money back.  

Coming Soon: One-to-One Coaching, Consultancy & Strategy Sessions
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Live Workshops

You may be like me and find that you really benefits from attending live workshops and training events.

From 2017 I will be personally hosting a series of live training events, and keep watching this space for future details on the LIVE EVENTS for 2017.

Build A Better Business 
Listen to my weekly Radio Show hosted via IO Radio, Ipswich by clicking here

MuchaMurapa TV 
Subscribe to my YouTube channel where you can look-over-my-shoulder and see examples of my services 

 Competency is important and persistence is critical too, but diligence cannot blossom without self-confidence and clarity on how the market will perceive what you offer. Mucha cemented my vision, inspired me to take action and laser-focused me on improving my go-to-market strategy at a time in my life when I was ready to give up.(testimonial here) - Jeff Molander, Author of 'Off The Hook Marketing'
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"Mucha Murapa is one of the nicest, smartest marketing gurus I've ever known. He's a great communicator, a born teacher, and has a true passion for helping others succeed in their business. I'm sure he can help anyone move forward towards achieving their business goals."
David Gutman, Brain Care For Boomers

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